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Log Monitoring & Analysis Services

At Evolution IT Hub, we offer log monitoring and real-time intelligence to safeguard your applications. Derive actionable analysis and insights at scale by precisely gathering, analyzing, visualizing, and diagnosing log data with metrics to gain comprehensive visibility.

As a leading service provider and consulting partner, we will offer you supple log data collection, identify security breaches, and allow log correlation to provide better visualization of data, protect applications, and enable automation through a highly structured approach.

With the ad-hoc requests and overflow of incidents, it gets tough for the IT Support team to deal with and resolve issues prior to causing SLA violation. Additionally, it turns complex to enable and deliver support to requests made across numerous channels. Here comes into the picture our log monitoring and analysis services.

How We Enable You with Log Monitoring and Analysis Services

Log Management and Analytics

Innovate quicker and more effectively with integrated log management and log analytics for actionable insights and enhanced automation.

Centralized Log Collection

Receive log data from diverse environments onto an incorporated dashboard leveraging an agent and agent-less methodology and craft a single source of truth.

Resourceful Log Collection

Automate the procedure of gathering and parsing log events from multiple sources without the irritation of indexing and storage.

Real-time Monitoring

Enable log monitoring in real-time and alert system admins prior to facing an unavoidable failure.

Detect Clusters and Anomalies

When log data is forwarded, our teams can easily process them and rapidly cluster millions of entries for swifter insights, analytics, and troubleshooting.

Anomaly Detection and Clustering

Consumed data is clustered to discover explicit patterns to find anomalies. Turn machine data into trackable and monitored metrics to receive business insights.

Why Choose Evolution IT Hub as Your Cloud Consulting Partner?

Expertise in Ensuring Cloud Application Health

Optimize and Enhance Client Experiences

Boost application resilience and security

Meet All the Security

Track Record of Solving Compliance Issues

Trim Down Infrastructure

Let’s Discuss How You Can Enhance Log Monitoring & Analysis to Enable IT Infrastructure!


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